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DVB to IP Gateway

DVB to IP Gateway rebroadcasts received Free to Air DVB signals over a multicast enabled data network.


The EtherDVB DVB To IP Gateway is an enterprise class device that can be used to rebroadast DVB signals over your multicast enabled data network.


EtherDVB Features EtherDVB Implementations
  • Two inputs per unit, mix and match your configuration (DVB-T, DVB-S, Analogue)
  • Rack mounted 1RU design
  • Easy configuration and operation
  • Detailed stream specification (destinations, bandwidth, SAP, TTL)
  • Standards compliant, it just works (TCP/IP, UDP, MPEG-2 TS, SAP, IGMP)
  • Admin access security controls
  • Auto scanning for DVB-T channels
  • Configuration backup and restore
  • Use 3 EtherDVBs each with 2 DVB-T inputs to reticulate all the digital channels broadcast by six network providers. All your local free-to-air channels can be watched by any PC on your LAN.
  • Use an EtherDVB with 2 Analogue inputs to reticulate the audio and video signals from your security system to anywhere on your corporate network.
  • Use DVB-S equipped EtherDVBs to add satellite TV channels to your campus.


EtherDVB Network Diagram

 Any combination of DVB-T, DVB-S or Analogue Encoder


Desktop Computer or STB
Watch the multicast TV on a set top box or desktop computer


Great User Interfaces

EtherDVB's have clean, sophisticated management screens




More detailed information?  Why not download the manual?

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v2 Soon

New firmware will soon be available for your EtherDVB. v2 contains many enhancements, fixes and new features.


EtherDVB customers who have a current maintenance plan can download the latest firmware. Please request download access, then log in to see the download area.


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