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EtherDVB Announces 2.0 Firmware

EtherDVB Announces 2.0 Firmware


The 2.0 release builds on the features of the original DVB to IP GW code base. Some of these features have been included at the request of existing clients.

New features of the 2.0 release are:

  • Arbitrary SAP announcements for MPEG2 streams
    Announce MPEG2 arbitrary streams (streams not coming from the unit).
  • User Accounts
    Individual accounts can have either full administrator or content only access. This provides a clear separation of network configuration and content management.
  • XML Summary
    Use an XML RPC call to return information on the available streams (programs, PIDs, output targets) to integrate into your network management system.
  • Web Upload
    Upload new images using a web form (supplements the original TFTP method) makes upgrading revisions easier.
  • All Ethernet Ports Active
    All four ports are now active and able to be configured from the web administration interface.
  • Streamlined User Interface
    The new administration interface has had an overhaul, giving our customers more consistency when dealing with more complex tasks.

In addition to these new features, the existing code base has undergone extremely rigourous testing to provide you with confidence and a reliable, dependable network appliance. At home our lead software engineer uses the combination of a DVB to IP gateway and an Amino STB daily for all free to air television viewing and ABC digital radio. Have confidence that this product is thoroughly tested in real life scenarios.

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v2 Soon

New firmware will soon be available for your EtherDVB. v2 contains many enhancements, fixes and new features.


EtherDVB customers who have a current maintenance plan can download the latest firmware. Please request download access, then log in to see the download area.


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