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Digital Television Channels Streaming on your LAN - EASY

EtherDVB brings robust TV reticulation to your corporate or campus network. You can deliver the free-to-air channels from terrestrial (DVB-T) or satellite (DVB-S) sources to your desktop and set-top-box users. An encoder option lets your create you own digital channels from analogue sources for distribution both inside and outside your LAN.

EtherDVB network appliances give you an affordable way to deliver live television services throughout your TCP/IP network.

EtherDVB Installation Lrg

Each EtherDVB can receive a number of digital satellite or terrestrial channels which are then broadcast on your multicast-enabled data network. Multicast technology allows efficient distribution of these high-bandwidth services to only those users on your network that request them.

The IPTV channels can be displayed using a set-top-box with any type of projector, screen or TV.  It’s a great solution for replacing an old cable TV network by using your existing LAN.  Windows, Mac and Linux users can watch the channels on their PC using free, open-source software.

EtherDVBs are configured in minutes using a web browser and are built for uninterrupted operation. Each unit can be ordered with any combination of two DVB-T, DVB-S or Analogue inputs so you can build a TV reticulation service to meet your specific requirements.

Each TV channel can be sent to one or more unicast or multicast destination addresses allowing local or global network reach.

The EtherDVB solution is purpose-built for reliable IPTV distribution on campus, corporate, telco and ISP networks. It scales to deliver as many TV services as you can receive and automatically recovers from signal outages.

 VLC Playing Multicast TV

Watch it.  Use open source VLC to watch multicast TV on your PC


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v2 Soon

New firmware will soon be available for your EtherDVB. v2 contains many enhancements, fixes and new features.


EtherDVB customers who have a current maintenance plan can download the latest firmware. Please request download access, then log in to see the download area.


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